What Are People Saying About RRS?

quote AllieAt Cape Horn Elementary School, Coquitlam, British Columbia
(Canada’s First Rights Respecting School)

When children know their rights it empowers them to make a difference in their community. They become leaders. They end up becoming more responsible for their actions, for leadership, friendship, and in relationships. They’re not so much me-centred. It all comes from kids knowing they have rights.”
~Denise Gibson, Grade 5 teacher, Cape Horn Elementary School

You definitely know when you walk through the halls [of Cape Horn Elementary] the values of the school and how the Convention is integrated into everything. Rights and responsibilities are touching each part of the curriculum and the learning process.”
-Miriam Miller, consultant ConnectEd: Global Learning Solutions


At Richland Academy, Richmond Hill, Ontario

richland videoView this video created by drama students at Richland Academy. The video explores the concept of children’s rights and has been used to educate Richland’s school community.