UNICEF Child-Friendly Schools

Child Friendly SchoolsDid you know that on any given day more than a billion children around the world go to school? Whether classes are held in buildings, in tents, on boats, or sometimes even under trees, children should be learning, developing their potential and enriching their lives. For many of them, however, school is not a positive experience.

The Child-Friendly School (CFS) model is a signature UNICEF approach to promote quality education for every child. Child-Friendly Schools provide a comprehensive quality framework for school policies, teaching, facilities and community involvement in support of children’s rights to health, protection and development to their fullest potential.

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The CFS framework encompasses child-seeking, child-centred, gender-sensitive, inclusive, community-involved, environmentally friendly, protective and healthy approaches to schooling and out-of-school education worldwide.

UNICEF Child-Friendly Schools have become the gateway through which a network of international and national partners and supporting governments in more than 90 low and middle-income countries are promoting quality education for all children, in everyday situations as well as in emergencies.

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This series of six documentary films shows the depth and breadth of UNICEF Child-Friendly Schools.