Step 7 – Assess and Reflect

step 7In this seventh and final step the school undertakes the Follow-Up Rights Assessment with support from the RRS  Facilitator.

The Follow-Up Rights Assessment is a process the school undergoes to understand what change has occurred in the rights respecting practices and policies of the school as a result of the Rights Respecting Schools initiative. There is no set date for this assessment, but many schools do the Follow-Up Assessment approximately one school-year after the Initial Rights Assessment.

Most of the components of the Initial Rights Assessment are repeated during this follow-up step so that the rights respecting capacities of the school before the Rights Respecting Schools initiative can be compared with the rights respecting capacities after one school-year of implementation.

Note: That the Follow-Up Rights Assessment differs from the Initial Rights Assessment in that the Student Workshops are not repeated during the follow-up and instead schools must complete and submit a review of their RRS Action Plan called the RRS Action Plan Review.

The Follow-Up Rights Assessment has four components:

  • 5.0  Administrator Survey
  • 6.0  Student Surveys
  • 7.0  Teaching Staff Survey
  • 8.0  RRS Action Plan Review

The findings of the Follow-Up Rights Assessment are shared with the RRS Facilitator after which the school receives its formal recognition as a Rights Respecting School.