Step 5 – Make a Plan

step 5In this fifth step the school completes its Rights Respecting School Action Plan. This plan is the roadmap a school uses to implement rights respecting activities, strategies and policies on its journey to becoming a Rights Respecting School.

The RRS Action Plan is informed by the rights respecting capacities of the school before the initiative begins. The adult members of the school community take a close look at what the school is already doing well and where the gaps are, as they learn about new strategies, ideas and concepts during the Rights Respecting Schools Workshop Series. The development of the RRS Action Plan therefore begins during the RRS Workshop Series.

After the RRS Workshop Series is complete, the Children’s Rights Team takes the work begun by the school community and develops it further in this step (Step 5) into the RRS Action Plan.

The Children’s Rights Team uses the RRS Action Plan Template to develop their plan. When the RRS Action Plan is complete the school shares it with the RRS Facilitator and then with the broader school community.