Step 4 – Receive Workshop Training

step 4In this fourth step the school hosts the Rights Respecting Schools Workshop Series. The series is facilitated by the RRS Facilitator.

The Rights Respecting Schools Workshop Series is a set of professional development workshops for the adult members of the school community (teaching staff, administrators, non-teaching staff and parent volunteers).

The purpose of the workshops are to educate the adults in the school community about children’s rights, rights respecting education and how to create an inclusive, safe and respectful school atmosphere using a children’s rights approach.

As the workshops unfold, participants work together to examine the school’s current practices and determine a way toward a more rights respecting school environment. Their ideas are captured in the school’s RRS Action Plan, which is a work in progress during this fourth step.

When participants successfully complete the Rights Respecting Schools Workshop Series they each receive a professional development certificate as recognition of their hard work and dedication.