About RRS

square photo 4Rights Respecting Schools (RRS) is a whole school initiative that uses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as a basis for building an inclusive and respectful school culture through the implementation of rights respecting education.

In these schools children’s rights are adopted as guiding principles that inform a common set of values shared by all members of the school community. These common values create a sense of community and become the lens through which students, teachers, school administrators and parents make decisions, choose behaviour, and participate at their school.

Download a copy of the Rights Respecting Schools Brochure.


square photo 5The journey toward becoming a Rights Respecting School involves giving children meaningful opportunities to:

– learn about and exercise their rights
– voice opinions and participate fully in all aspects of their schooling
– be a valued and genuine participant in decision making that affects them
– contribute to resolving obstacles to teaching, learning and well-being.

Read about the specific objectives (Building Blocks) of the RRS initiative.


square photo 6Research conducted in schools that use a rights respecting framework show consistent results:

– Decline in absenteeism and bullying
– Improved conflict resolution skills
– Increased compassion and greater inclusion
– Increased global awareness
– Greater teacher job satisfaction
– Fewer classroom disruptions.

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