10 Children’s Picture Books about Refugees

Great resource list!

As a child, I knew that many of our neighbors had come to Canada as refugees; one family had been imprisoned in a Japanese camp during WW2; another had escaped Germany after witnessing events they never mentioned. I didn’t really understand what that meant, but I knew it was important and somehow accounted for certain unusual behaviors (one neighbor would only leave the house concealed in the back seat of the car). In trying to make sense of it, I sought books about World War 2 camps, but to say they were age-inappropriate is a massive understatement. In light of the media coverage of Syrian refugees and the arrival of families in Canada, I’ve started keeping a list of stellar picture books about refugee children to share with my family. Some will also go to a newly arrived family with young children.

The Little Refugee, Anh Do
The author’s…

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